"An Engaging Suspenseful Crime Thriller To Capture Your Attention Until the End"

The most important case I have handled as an attorney was in 1983 when I filed a lawsuit against a priest for sexual contact with a minor child. Over three long years, I faced a barrage of lies, smokescreens, cover-ups, and other delay tactics until the case was settled.

Little did I know that I would only expose a tiny tip of a massive iceberg. Now, there is a long list of sexual abuse victims and their broken families. Each one’s story is unbearable, and their wounds will never go away.

For years, the case stuck with me and ultimately culminated in the publication of my first novel, Betrayal of Faith.

Betrayal of Faith opens by showing that Jennifer Tracey discovers the new parish priest has harmed her two sons. She approaches attorney Zachary Blake, who had previously handled her deceased husband’s industrial case. However, Zack is no longer a high-profile attorney. Now the only cases that come his way are traffic cases. Jennifer takes a chance on him, and together, they file a lawsuit against one of the world's largest religious organizations.

Zack hires private investigator Micah Love. Together, they not only discover a clandestine organization within the church that will stop at nothing to circumvent justice and cover up the depraved acts of a rogue priest but find that one person who may provide some answers has died under mysterious circumstances.

Will Blake be able to resurrect his troubled career and obtain the justice Jennifer seeks for her kids?

Betrayal of Faith is dedicated to survivors of abuse and the lawyers and advocates who fight for the justice these victims deserve.

Betrayal of Faith is available at www.markmbello.com and through most online booksellers.

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