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The Justice Counts Podcast is a deep dive into how the American legal system succeeds and fails in achieving justice. Mark Bello and Bob Gatty law, politics, and social justice.

If you are interested in being a guest, please contact Mark at


The Journey Into Justice Podcast aimed to explore different aspects of the justice system. Mark Bello and Simon Barrett discussed aspects of the law and specific cases.

Sadly, this podcast project has ended. However, please enjoy our episode archives below. Thank you to all our listeners.


Bello's Views on Important Social Justice Issues
and Being an Author

PSA: When Will It End? Stop Police Brutality

PSA: Make Your Voice Heard

On His Sense of Social Justice

On Writing a President versus Real Presidents

On the Rise of White Supremacy in America

On Multi-Culturalism in America

On Black Lives Matter

On Policing Issues in America

On Effective Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment

On Sexual Assault, Truth to Power, and the Me Too Movement

On the Civil Justice System and Rights

On Writing His Protagonist Zachary Blake

On Trying the Clergy Abuse Case that Led to His 1st Novel

On the Meaning of Justice

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