The award-winning series continues as Zachary Blake takes on one of the nation’s most controversial industries. More importantly, this case is personal.


As Jake Tracey settles into his English classroom, he receives a text message from his brother, Kenny. Another student has armed himself and is shooting classmates and school staff.


As the school goes into lockdown, Kenny comes face-to-face with Kevin and attempts to take down the tormented shooter. When the last shot is fired, nine people are dead, and several others, including Kenny Tracy, are wounded.

In the aftermath, Zachary Blake is asked to reassemble the pieces and pursue a quest for justice. Who is to blame? Who will be the defendants – the shooter, his parents, the school, manufacturers and sellers in the gun industry, or all of the above? For Blake, anyone who put his son in harm’s way must be punished, but perhaps the shooter is a victim, too.

For Zachary Blake, the tragedy makes the argument for gun control clearer than ever. But what can one man and one town do to change an ongoing national epidemic before history repeats itself?


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