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The Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series – Award-Winning Faction Novels!

What is a faction novel?

Books in the faction genre are a type of historical novel rooted in fact, woven together with fictitious elements and using storyline techniques of fiction.

Faction novels, like the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series, are often ripped from the headlines. Their purpose is to ultimately give the reader a deeper understanding of the current times, as well as aspects of the events outside of the official record.

To this end, my novels give a voice to the often nameless and faceless victims of our justice system. Sometimes, they get the justice they deserve; sometimes justice is denied, as it often is in real life. I like to use my author pulpit to offer plausible solutions to the events of our time.

Once in a while, as was the case in my 2nd novel, Betrayal of Justice, fiction becomes fact, and fictional events play out in real-time for real people here in America and abroad. Still, I try to put a positive spin on the events of the day, to demonstrate a worldview that readers may not have previously considered.

As part of a book relaunch, readers can now buy, for a limited time only, my first two Zachary Blake legal thrillers for only $2.98, Betrayal of Faith (Book 1) on e-book through Amazon for only $0.99 and Betrayal of Justice (Book 2) for only $1.99.

Subscribe to www.markmbello for upcoming news on future novels in the series, events, speaking engagements, giveaways, and more. Thanks for reading—enjoy the ride!

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