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Tomorrow is Another Day

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

—Ernest Hemingway

Yeah . . . sure . . . perhaps it’s true . . . for Hemingway!

Today, I sit staring at a blank screen. I can’t find the right words to continue my work. This is difficult, this writing thing. The other day, I was interviewed at an indie author event. My fellow authors fawned over my creativity; they told me to stop being so self-deprecating. But this writing thing is damned difficult.

I’ve written six novels. They have been well received and well-reviewed. Perhaps every writer hit a wall now and then. Still, it’s frustrating to have interesting, even entertaining, thoughts rolling around in your head and be unable to transfer them to keyboard or paper. Do I have another novel in me? Can I do what I have always done and take news that interests and inspires and turn it into realistic fiction?

I once heard that writing is a lot like exercising. You must endure some pain in the beginning and a little sweat, but once your muscles are accustomed to the routine, you can start looking forward to the process. However, if you stop doing it, your energy will grow weary, your muscle strength will diminish, and your mind will grow cobwebs. Maybe you do get bit lazy.

But, I’m not lazy—not by a longshot. At 68, I write, swim, bike, play golf, tennis, pickleball, baseball and football with my grandchildren, take long walks with my wife. Perhaps my creative juices aren’t flowing today . . . perhaps I’m distracted; maybe the election is getting to me (although politics usually gives my much food for thought).

Maybe this is just an off day. Perhaps today is the day that I remind myself that distractions are okay, days off are okay – once in a while. When things get going – even if it is Chapter 12 – the novel will come together, as it always does. Inspiration and passion will flow, and I will enjoy the adventure from wherever I stopped to wherever I finish.

I have a loving family, great friends, and very supportive fellow Indie authors. Most of all, I have you, my loyal readers. You are why I write. You help me remember that tomorrow is another day, a new chance to be creative, to make words dance off the keyboard, and, hopefully, to provide you with another compelling Zachary Blake Legal Thriller. Thanks everyone, from the bottom of my heart.

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