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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Searching for your next read? Each month I’ll be highlighting my favorite titles. Usually this will be legal thrillers, mystery/suspense, and politics. But don’t be surprised if a biography or historical fiction shows up just to keep things interesting!

List Title: The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva

In a Nutshell: The Kill Artist is the first novel in Silva’s series featuring Gabriel Allon. After his wife and daughter are killed, Allon, a former Israeli intelligence operative, is living a quiet lifestyle as an art restorer. But, he is being called back into the game after an assassination threat on Yasir Arafat during the Israeli-Palestinian peace summit. Teamed up with an agent hiding behind her own mask (as a beautiful French model), the two embark on a manhunt to find a terrorist from Gabriel’s past who is out for one last killing spree.

My Take: I have read and enjoyed the entire Gabriel Allon series. The entire series is outstanding; it is hard to pick a favorite. This book moves fast and is an easy read. I highly recommend it especially if you enjoy suspense thrillers and you also follow current affairs.

Your Turn!

Read a good book lately? Think others would enjoy it too? Submit your suggestions and I just may highlight them in a future post. And don’t forget to leave a review on your favorite book’s site!

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