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Fall Into Books!

Whether you are a fan of legal thrillers, mysteries, action and adventure, occult fiction, romance, or historical fiction, here are some recommendations to add to your fall reading list.

So, get your favorite fall drink (mine is coffee) or a treat (mine is ice cream, hands down), relax, and enjoy some excellent reading by these Indie Authors.

  • When Death Whispered Her Name by D.A. Reed

  • Leaving Nirvana by JuliAnne Sisung

  • The Martin Preuss Mysteries by Donald Levin

  • The Orphan Train Saga by Sherry A Burton

  • Threshold by Andy Lockwood

  • A Tryst of Faith by Diana Kathryn Plopa

  • Vengeful Son by Andrew Allen Smith

  • The Zachary Blake Legal Thrillers by Mark M. Bello

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