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Somehow November got away from me, and I didn’t get a chance to share my favorite new book. So, here are two that I recommend for your reading list.

November List Title: When Darkness Killed Her by D.A.Reed

In a Nutshell: When Darkness Killed Her is a crime thriller with mystery and a little bit of violence.

In a Nutshell: When Darkness Killed Her is a crime thriller with mystery and a little bit of violence.

As a respected officer in the Healey Police Department, Caitlin O’Reilly finds her position on the force in sudden jeopardy as she abandons her partner to assist her father, a respected private detective. But when an incident ends in her father's tragic death, a shocked and shaken Caitlin is desperate to solve the case. Leaving the HPD, she takes over her father’s investigative firm with the intent of finding justice.

My Take: I highly recommend When Darkness Killed Her! This novel is a thrilling whodunit with interesting and well-defined characters, a complex plot, and a valiant, tragic, yet tough female hero-protagonist. D.A. Reed sets the table so well, the reader feels himself in the room with the characters, watching events unfold. I will definitely be buying and reading the remaining books in the series. A well deserved five stars!

December List Title: Vatican Protocol by Brian Gallagher

In a Nutshell: Vatican Protocol is a conspiracy thriller about an aspiring author’s present-day investigation into two UFO crashes in 1930’s Germany and Poland. Add in the possibility of a massive cover-up by the Nazis and the Vatican and you have all the makings of an engrossing thriller.

My Take: A very interesting and captivating read that will shake your faith to its core. Highly recommended for people who enjoy conspiracy novels.

Your Turn!

Read a good book lately? Think others would enjoy it too? Submit your suggestions, and I just may highlight them in a future post. And don’t forget to leave a review on your favorite book’s site!

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