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A Letter to My Readers in Response to COVID-19

Dear Readers,

It’s no secret that the coronavirus has substantially changed our lives. Most businesses have shifted to working from home, and schools have established online teaching. Everyone must adjust to a “new normal”- new way of living and a new way of work.

However, I think we all need to try to maintain some sense of normalcy. It might be setting up a small home gym, walking the dog daily, or Facetime or Zoom calls with family and friends. For me, family always comes first, but I am also continuing to work on my novels because I genuinely love writing. It also provides great stress relief during this unprecedented and uncertain time.

As you may know, I made the decision last week to postpone the launch of my 5th novel, Betrayal High. Although I am in the final editing stage and excited to share Betrayal High with each and every one of you, I believe it is important to provide readers with the highest quality product. Also, marketing a new release would be difficult given that book sales are being de-prioritized by many distributors in favor of more essential household items, a move I completely support. With that said, I hope to release Betrayal High later this summer. Thank you for your patience during this unexpected time.

To make up for this disappointment, I’m offering a few exclusives to my readers:

Discounted Thrillers! If you haven’t read Betrayal of Faith, Betrayal of Justice, Betrayal in Blue, or Betrayal in Black, there’s never been a better time. From now through April 13), I’m offering each e-book for $1.98 (50% off list price) and $11.25 for each paperback (25% off the list price). You can purchase your copies here:

Betrayal of Faith - Betrayal of Justice - Betrayal in Blue - Betrayal in Black:

Sneak Peek! On April 13, the original release date for Betrayal High, I will be posting the first two chapters to all my website subscribers. If you haven’t registered, please enter your name and e-mail on the contact page.

Folks, we must take this crisis seriously. Practice social distancing; hunker down at home (with a great book?), limit personal contact with others, work remotely. We can and will get through this. Good luck to all—stay safe.

Thanks, Mark

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