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Using Literature as a Springboard to Discussions on Social Injustice

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird has been a fixture in the American consciousness for decades, praised for its examination of racial injustice. But today, it is not the only significant American novel about racial injustice, nor is it the only book part of students’ required reading.

In recent years, school educators have been selecting more contemporary novels that tackle the multitude of ways racism affects different marginalized groups in the U.S.

Required reading lists have been updated to include: The Book of Unknown Americans, Small Great Things, Dear Martin, and The Hate U Give. Each novel presents characters facing issues that are plaguing our society today. Understanding a story through the experiences of a character enables us to feel what it might be/could have been like and helps us consider the impact of such events.

Much like these novels, The Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series explores racism, abuse, violence, and injustice prevalent today. However, the series also adds an element of love, hope, and justice for our future. Each novel provides opportunities in the classroom to discuss topics like racism and other forms of prejudice, uneven applications of criminal and civil justice, and even the American dream.

My goal as an author is to capture the voice of a nation and inspire young adults, especially, to stand up and speak out against injustice. I imagine my novels inspiring generations to come, and like those excellent novels mentioned above, perhaps one day, they might even have an impact on the literary world. One can dream.

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