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Novels Tap Into Headline News

The writers of Spotlight and Orange Is the New Black aren’t the only ones who pull their stories from real-world events.

Many novelists tap into headline news with real crime drama and shocking revelations. Many of these stories are disturbing, based on murders, child abuse, immigration deportation, gun violence, kidnappings, and affairs. These novels are often layered with an author’s own experiences and a fresh perspective . They may be fiction, but they are based on real-life experiences and events, "faction," if you will.

The Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series novels are perfect examples of this process. In each book , I draw inspiration from my career as an attorney or 'ripped from the headlines' newsworthy events. There is a healthy dose of truth in Zachary's clients and cases, so much so, that these novels will stay with you long after you wish you could forget.

I am currently relaunching my faction thrillers exclusively for Amazon customers. In addition, I will soon be publishing more novels in the series. For now, readers can purchase Betrayal of Faith (Book 1) for only $0.99 and Betrayal of Justice (Book 2) for only $1.99. That’s 2 books for only $3.98. But, this is a limited time offer, so grab your copies today and subscribe to the website get the latest information on the series.

The Amazon links are as follows:

"Betrayal of Faith" - "Betrayal of Justice" -

Enjoy the ride.

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