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Why Hire an Anti-Victim Legislator at a University that is Dealing with Victims of Abuse?

The ideology that John Engler displayed as former Michigan GOP governor (1991 – 2002) was incompatible with the leadership and values of MSU, especially following the Nasser debacle, but the board hired him anyway. Not only did Engler have no experience in academic administration, but he also had a terrible record when dealing with sexual assault survivors.

Engler not only brought his gubernatorial philosophy to campus, but his words and actions were repeatedly anti-victim. His most recent comment (that Larry Nassar’s sexual assault victims were “enjoying the spotlight” and are “still enjoying that moment at times, you know, the awards and recognition” ) was the last straw. With a newly elected board after the November elections, there were finally enough votes to force Engler out.

Allegedly one day before the said vote was to occur, Engler resigned. Yet, in an 11-page resignation letter, he never apologized for his actions or the comments he made. In fact, about nine pages were devoted to what Engler claims were his many accomplishments during his time as president.

“John Engler’s reign of terror is over,” said board member Brian Mosallam. However, The MSU Board has no one to blame but itself.

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