Announcing the Newest Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Novel

So… the journey continues …

Today, I am excited to announce the release of the 3rd novel in the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series, Betrayal In Blue!

Betrayal in Blue picks up shortly after Betrayal of Justice when a domestic terror group seeks revenge for the capture of several of their brothers in Dearborn, Michigan. Following its triumph over these white supremacists in the field and in the courtroom, the city of Dearborn has enjoyed the relative tranquility. Unfortunately, not for long, as a second (and more dangerous) syndicate and its leader plot a sinister attack on the city as revenge for their fallen brothers.

Dearborn Police Captain Jack Dylan never backs away from a case or a fight, but this time, he goes rogue and finds himself accused of murder in the small northern Michigan fishing town of Manistee. The local cops turn on him, believing that they (with help from the FBI) have an easy win in the case. But things are not as they seem. With his freedom on the line, Jack turns to attorney Zachary Blake who with the help of super sleuth Micah Love, desperately searches for evidence of Jack’s innocence.

Like the first two novels in the series, Betrayal In Blue will be available through most online booksellers. All of the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series novels are also listed on our BOOKS page.

As a special thank you to my followers and supporters, I am giving away three autographed copies of Betrayal In Blue. To qualify to win, simply subscribe to my website. I will draw three names on September 30, so stay tuned. You might be one of the lucky winners.

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