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Betrayal in Black

I'm a white man. If I am speeding down the highway and I see a police officer off to the side of the road, tracking my speed, I panic and slow down. He turns on his flashers and follows me. I'm now angry at myself for speeding-I wasn't in a hurry. I will probably get a ticket for my stupidity; my insurance rates will probably increase. As the officer approaches my car, I wonder: Do I have my driver’s license in my wallet? proof of insurance and car registration current and handy? If not, I'm getting another ticket. Very frustrating!

I do not consider: Am I in danger? Will the officer pull his gun? Is there a chance I might lose my life tonight? These are not the concerns of a white man, however, tragically in America today, these concerns seem to be all too common for a black man.

Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press


Mark your calendars for the 4th novel in the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller series, Betrayal in Black, to be released later this year. Subscribe to the website for updates and special offers.

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