How Do We Stop A Constitutional Crisis?

There has been a lot of talk in the media about whether or not our country is having a constitutional crisis.

Our country has been in a constitutional crisis since January 20, 2017. We have seen an executive order restricting the ability of people from seven predominantly Muslim nations to travel to the U.S.. We have seen immigrant children forcibly separated from their parents. We see calls for the building of walls rather than bridges. We hear about 'good people on both sides' and women of color referred to as 'dogs'. The press is referred to as the 'enemy of the people' instead of our 1st Amendment shield and sword. My 2nd novel, “Betrayal of Justice,” predicted much of this.

The question is no longer, “how do we avert a constitutional crisis?” but “how do we stop it from destroying what is left of our democracy?” This crisis will worsen until We the People change the direction of this country by electing new leaders. Want to change things? Vote in November!

#BetrayalOfJustice #POTUS45

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