Michigan Mystery and True Crime Lovers: You don’t want to miss Aunt Agatha's Holiday Open House

Mark M. Bello will be one of the local authors signing books at Aunt Agatha’s annual event for mystery, detective, and true crime fans.

Matt Giles, Associate Producer for ClickonDetroit.com writes:

Mark Bello [is] a local author who practices law and incorporates his legal expertise into his novels, Bello will be promoting his Zachary Blake thriller series, Betrayal of Faith and Betrayal of Justice. Both books are based on cases of Bello's, each of which was difficult, given [the] subject matter. "Faith" deals with sexual abuse by a priest and is set in Farmington Hills, "Justice" focuses on islamophobia and is set in Dearborn. "These are very great reads for someone in college or someone who is studying law," Bello said by phone. Given the current controversy surrounding white nationalist Richard Spencer's request to speak at the University of Michigan, Bello added that Betrayal of Justice is very relevant, as the book is a condemnation of that kind of behavior.”

For the full article, click here.

Aunt Agatha's Holiday Open House is Saturday, Dec. 9, at 2 p.m.

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