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Seeking Justice in Society Through Literature

Lawyers occupy an important position in our society. It is a lawyer’s responsibility to uphold the Constitution and be the voice of justice. Yet, despite the vital role they play in our democracy, people have been amused for centuries with the idea of bashing lawyers. Everyone has a good lawyer joke, and everyone takes pride in ridiculing, criticizing, and mocking lawyers….that is until they need one.

Trial lawyers have been, and always will be, the first line of defense to prevent injustice. We put everything on the path to seek the truth; we stand up for the rights of the people – the wronged who deserve fair representation and adequate redress for harm done. We fight obstacles placed in our way by those who seek to take limit or destroy freedoms and liberties guaranteed by the Seventh Amendment. A single citizen represented by a single trial attorney takes on huge corporations, government agencies, dangerous product developers, and the like. The unselfish lawyers of the world are unsung heroes.

It was just such a David v. Goliath experience that prompted me to write my first novel, Betrayal of Faith.

Betrayal of Faith is a suspense legal thriller that pays tribute to actual clergy abuse cases that I handled in the 1980’s. It was written to honor the brave clients I represented and the many attorneys and clients who have fought their own "David vs. Goliath" battles with the same or similar institutional defendants.

Attorney Zachary Blake has gone from penthouse to poorhouse, working out of a dingy one-room office, handling traffic cases. In the meantime, Jennifer Tracey discovers that her two young sons have been molested by a parish priest. Being the only attorney she knows, Jennifer retains Blake, and together they embark on the trial of the century. The case takes them from Michigan to Ohio, where two families have disappeared after encounters with the same priest—and the one person who may provide some answers has died under mysterious circumstances. Jennifer’s unwavering determination results in them facing their biggest obstacle – an organization within the church that is tasked with covering up incidents like these by any and all means necessary.

Can Zachary Blake resurrect his troubled career and obtain the justice Jennifer seeks for her kids, or will the church prevail in a cover-up and circumvent justice? Can one have faith when faith, itself, is corrupt?

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