‘Team Trump’ Members Head to Prison: Should ‘Individual One’ Be Far Behind?

December 12, 2018

What do Michael Cohen, George Papadapolous, Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort have in common?  All have plead guilty to crimes. All have been sentenced or are about to be sentenced to jail terms or probation. All their crimes relate to their affiliation/dealings with, or association to, Donald Trump.


These four men are now criminals of record who will be watched by prison guards while their associate, the POTUS, retains secret service protection. During his campaign, Trump admitted on camera and on tape to acts constituting sexual harassment. The man he laughingly admitted his crimes to (Billy Bush) was fired; Donald Trump was elected president.


What is wrong with this picture? Indeed, what is wrong with this country? Why are so many still on “Team Trump?”


Many in the political arena have opined that a sitting president cannot be charged with or convicted of a crime while still in office. Some have opined that the president may be able to pardon himself. There are no statute or constitutional mandates supporting these notions. If these four co-conspirators are criminals, shouldn’t those engaged in criminal conspiracy with them be considered criminals as well. Thus, President Trump, his sons, and son-in-law, among others, should be investigated and charged accordingly. What happened to ‘no one is above the law?’

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