Jury Awards $7.5M to Alabama Man Injured at Walmart

November 16, 2017

An Alabama man was awarded $7.5 million after he fell getting a watermelon out of a container at a Walmart store.


In July 2015, while reaching for a watermelon, the man’s foot got caught in the wooden pallet under the container, causing him to fall. As a result, he suffered serious injuries, including a broken hip. The man now uses a walker and can no longer do everyday activities that he was accustom to before the fall.


The man filed a lawsuit against Walmart alleging negligence. Walmart had a duty to "exercise reasonable care, to maintain and keep its premises in a reasonable safe condition, and to warn the public of unsafe and hazardous conditions," according to the suit. The suit further stated that the store should have known the hidden pallet was likely to cause an injury. Walmart maintained that the pallet was not dangerous, and that any negligence was the plaintiff’s fault. In fact, to this date, Walmart continues to display the watermelons in the same manner.


After deliberating for approximately two hours, the jury awarded the plaintiff $2.5 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. A spokesperson for Walmart said that the award was excessive in light of the facts and that the retailer plans to appeal.


The time in between filing a personal injury lawsuit and reaching a settlement can be a financial nightmare. Furthermore, when a plaintiff is unable to return to work due to injuries, how will the bills get paid? How can a victim avoid financial ruin during an already difficult time?


When a plaintiff is pinched for cash, the insurance company will take advantage by denying, defending, and delaying the claim. Then, a low settlement offer comes, and if the plaintiff is in a weakened state, the temptation to settle is high. There is another option, one that is not well-known among plaintiffs.


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Lawsuit funding is very different from a typical bank loan. The application process consists of a one-page form and case information from your attorney. A credit check and employment verification is not necessary. If approved for funding, cash can be available in less than 48 hours. If your claim does not successfully settle, you are under no obligation to repay the cash advance.


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