Betrayal of Faith (Paperback)

Betrayal of Faith (Paperback)


To what lengths will the Church go to silence victims of abuse? Widow and single mother Jennifer Tracy is a woman of deep faith and grim determination. When her sons fall victim to a vicious predator at the very place she seeks support, can she find the strength to fight for them a second time? She'll need all the help she can get and turns to Detroit’s former King of Justice, Zachary Blake. But Blake has fallen from grace and is down on his luck. Is he up to handling the trial of the century? The case looks straightforward enough until Blake gets blindsided by The Coalition—The church’s super-secret organization whose leader will stop at nothing to protect it. Will these evil actors thwart justice?


Inspired by a real-life case, this compelling courtroom action drama spins a web of greed, power, and unspeakable acts of betrayal—will victims and perpetrators get the justice they so richly deserve? Bello keeps you guessing until the jury speaks.


Fans of John Grisham and Jodi Picoult alike will love the twists and turns of this tense legal thriller, the first in the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series.

© 2020 Mark M. Bello

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