Civil Justice Issue #2: Waiting Out the Process Without Severe Financial Distress

Lawsuit Funding

One of the biggest problems with the civil justice system is that the wheels of justice spin slowly. In the civil justice system almost all plaintiffs face a recurring predicament: Deep pocket defendants, usually insurance companies deliberately and unreasonably delay resolution of litigation. This often results in a lack of resources necessary to sustain a reasonable quality of life. Thus, many plaintiffs are forced to accept an unreasonably low settlement offer. Enter lawsuit funding, a service that provides a plaintiff (or an attorney) with the financial resources to allow a plaintiff the time necessary to see a case through to an appropriate and just conclusion. In short, lawsuit funding advances the cause of justice for a needy plaintiff by assisting with paying the mortgage, rent, car payment, tuition, food, child care, household expenses, medical care, hospital, surgical or rehabilitation expenses.

Obtaining lawsuit funding is a relatively fast and easy process; funding decision can often be made within 24 hours. Additionally, there is no need for a credit check or employment verification. Best of all, lawsuit funding is non-recourse funding. If the case fails, repayment of the cash advance is completely waived.


Strategic lawsuit funding from the right lawsuit funding professional can make a huge difference in the bottom line settlement or verdict in your case.


You can complete and submit an application by clicking here or call 1-877-377-SUIT (7848).


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