Sep 28, 2017

Islam discussion


If the victims are Muslim, is it terrorism?

Sep 28, 2017

Emma J. writes:


Yes it is terrorism when Muslims are killed. An act of terrorism is not defined by the religion of the victims, it is simply an individual who takes the lives of innocents to make a political point. These people who commit these acts may call themselves Muslim, but how can they be when Islam clearly states that killing one person is equal to killing all of humanity? And if their cause was really about Islam, then they wouldn't be attacking random crowds which contain Muslims would they? They are just bad people, and bad people are found everywhere; in all societies, all countries, all religions. They give a bad name to the law-abiding, kind-hearted majority. It's a sad world we live in now but sadly it doesn't show any signs of getting better.

Sep 28, 2017

Jovo A. writes:


Crime is crime is crime. The label "terrorism" on the one hand lends the perpetrator a special status, creating the illusion that he is not a criminal. On the other hand, it makes the crime seem all the more heinous. Terrorists are just ordinary criminals, like rapists or murderers. The identity of the perpetrator/victims makes no difference.



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