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December 5, 2019

Indie Reads TV with Diana Kathryn Wolfe-Plopa of Pages Promotions, LLC.


On the “Keeping Democracy Alive” podcast with Burt Cohen, attorney/author Mark M. Bello discusses: Did Trump mean to be anti-Semitic with his insistence that Jewish Americans who vote Democratic are disloyal?

Listen here.


Listen to Mark M. Bello chat with Sample Chapter Podcast host, Jason Meuschke as they discuss writing and Mark's inspirations behind the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller series. Also get a glimpse (chapter) of his 3rd novel, Betrayal in Blue.

Mark M. Bello discusses the rise of hate crimes with Lars Larson.

An interview with the Detroit Legal News.



After working extremely high profile legal cases, Bello decided to put his English degree into use. “I never thought I could complete a full length novel, let alone two going on three.” Bello has written “Betrayal of Faith” and “Betrayal of Justice,” both are loosely based on actual cases he has worked on.

“I write because I want readers to walk in another person’s shoes. I want them to walk away believing that racism and bigotry are deplorable,” says Bello. Many writers learn things about themselves in the process of writing. Bello learned that his inspiration to write comes from troubling events in his life.

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"Helping others succeed will create willing partners for your business. Don’t fear the competition, lead it."

Read my interview with Thrive Global as part of their series about how to become known as a thought leader in your industry.

Author Interview with New In Books.


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