Betrayal in Blue

Zack and Jack are Back!
White Supremacy again rears its ugly head in Dearborn . . .

Trial lawyer Zachary Blake tackled The Church and clergy sexual abuse in Betrayal of Faith and white supremacy and a bigoted POTUS in Betrayal of Justice. The super lawyer returns along with Dearborn Police Captain Jack Dylan for this third installment of the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series, an exciting journey through investigation, chase, deception, forensics, and trial.

Jack is in trouble with the law in a quaint northern Michigan fishing town, accused of murdering a terrorist. The local police and the FBI join forces to take him down. To prove his innocence—Captain Jack turns to an old nemesis . . . ZACHARY BLAKE


A dynamic cast of characters converges on Manistee, Michigan for the biggest trial this small fishing town has ever seen. Can Zack and Jack prevent the brotherhood in blue from morphing into a Betrayal in Blue? Part police crime novel—part courtroom drama. 


“This a mind-blowing story with a shocking and intense ending that will have readers sitting on the edge of their seats.”

“Mark Bello is quickly becoming the go to author for intense crime drama that is written with a finger on a he heartbeat of contemporary times. Thrilling action and drama in Betrayal in Blue will hook you from the start and keep you turning pages.”

Mark M. Bello has crafted an exciting mixture of a crime and legal thriller which takes the reader on an exciting journey through the investigation, the chase, the deception, and then the legal trial, so just when the reader thinks the story is done, more is to come. Nicely done.

© 2017 Mark M. Bello

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