Betrayal in Blue

Following its triumph over white supremacists in the field and in the courtroom, law enforcement in the city of Dearborn, Michigan has enjoyed the relative tranquility. Unfortunately, not for long, as a second (and more dangerous) syndicate and its leader plot revenge for their fallen brothers. Their scheme? To steal and release deadly Sarin gas in the city.


Police Captain Jack Dylan and his team are dedicated to thwarting the plot and bringing the culprits to justice. However, with a terrorist threat in play, the FBI usurps the investigation.  However, Jack Dylan never backs away from a case or a fight. When the white supremacy leader evades the FBI's dragnet, Jack goes rogue and hunts him down in Manistee.


The inevitable standoff finds Dylan alone with his nemesis in an unfamiliar city with no FBI or local law enforcement to support him. His plans go awry and Jack finds himself arrested by local authorities and placed on trial for his actions.


Attorney Zachary Blake comes to his defense in the biggest trial this quiet community has ever seen. The local cops and the FBI think they have a winner, but Zack and his lead investigator, Micah Love, believe there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

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“This a mind-blowing story with a shocking and intense ending that will have readers sitting on the edge of their seats.”

Mark M. Bello has crafted an exciting mixture of a crime and legal thriller which takes the reader on an exciting journey through the investigation, the chase, the deception, and then the legal trial, so just when the reader thinks the story is done, more is to come. Nicely done.

“Mark Bello is quickly becoming the go to author for intense crime drama that is written with a finger on a he heartbeat of contemporary times. Thrilling action and drama in Betrayal in Blue will hook you from the start and keep you turning pages.”

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